Merging Love of Science and Writing - podcast

Pulitzer-winning science author Deborah Blum considers science writing a valuable human service; science is part of our daily experience and decisions we make are often informed by our understanding of scientific phenomenon. Blum would like to help people use this information, whether they are deciding to take a vaccine, medicine or visit a certain location. Authors, she feels, have to power to open up avenues of thought.
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  • Hi, I am in the process of writing my book about the specification for a Holodeck. I have chosen with this project to design my own simulation software to simulate the photonic circuitry and that is starting to mature (I am in the debugging and verification phase of design). The book will contain circuitry of a basic photonic core and show it to be working and hopefully how it could drive a volumetric display with touch capability.
    I like Science and this project is a big one and I am solving problems on a daly basis. I have invested a lot of my time but I think it will be worth it. I am also using my own proof of concept mathematics for derivations of the photonic hardware. It is similar to electronic binary and decimal but in the optical domain.

  • I have a particular interest in the subject that you have raised, how do we communicate a universal language in one platform of understanding? I can bet you a person who is an expert in the field of finance wants to share their knowledge with the general public but there just exist no platform. (its not just science its a lot of other subjects out there)