A Fresh Look at Age-Old Issues - podcast

Georgia Hughes, Editorial Director of The New World Library, suggests that authors should focus on creating work that surprises editors.  She suggests, as an example of this, that an author can write about an age old problem with a perspective that makes the topic relevant in today's world.  
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  • Irene Dunne is a old Movie Star look into the web site and look for her movies she worked with Gary Grant and with other movies stars. She was real close with the president of the united states Mr. Regan and Nancy Regan the daughter had a picture sign by both of them and other movie stars.
  • Yes you are right my story is about an older person and her mom Irene Dunne which I want to write a true story about their life. I have stay off and on at Irene Dunne daughter house she is 80 years old and I always learning something new from her family . Nataly woods use to live across street from Irene Dunne daughter house. If anybody wants my story call me at 661 621-4948 or E-mail marthahughes2@hotmail.com