Advice for Memoirists on Writing About Sensitive Topics - podcast

Memoir can be an intimidating genre for writers due to the very personal nature of the content. Memoir author, writers group founder, and publishing consultant Patricia L. Brooks offers a workshop aptly named "Write the Memoir You Are Afraid to Write." Brooks strongly encourages aspiring memoirists to "write your truth," despite the risk of getting negative feedback from family or friends. Brooks advises that if you know your heart is in the right place, you can't worry about what others think. By writing about and sharing her truths Brooks has been able to help many women. To build up your confidence in your writing, she recommends finding a critique group that you trust for support and encouragement.

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  • Hi and thank you for your great advice. I am writing a memoir and self help book mainly for women. I do have some examples of things that have happened in my life and want to use them in my book. I have written about events over 30 years ago and I even have a different last name now, so I am hoping if I just use changed first names as examples of the people at the time who were involved in these examples, and adding no last names that I do not need to change everything with regard to legalities? If someone could advise me about this it would be much appreciated.

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