James Breakwell on the Inspiration for His Book, Only Dead on the Inside

Author, comedy writer, and columnist James Breakwell became an internet sensation through his @XplodingUnicorn Twitter handle when Buzzfeed, a global news source, did a feature article that shared links to his most popular posts. This was his breakout moment, landing him global media coverage, an agent, and a book deal, and he now has over one million followers on Twitter. When approached by agents and publishers about writing a book Breakwell didn't have a book concept in mind, so he focused on ideas that would align with the style of writing his audience had come to love and appreciate. As a father of four girls, Breakwell discovered early on in his blogging and social media efforts that his brand of humor, stories, and jokes were very relatable, resulting in a loyal following. He wanted the book to be a continuation of his upbeat, but pessimistic (and hilarious) views on parenting, but with a unique angle. Combining his comedy writing, parenting experience, and web comics, Breakwell created his critically acclaimed debut book Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

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