Lawrence Knorr on the Founding and Evolution of Sunbury Press

In Silicon Valley, where technology and industry thrive, a well-known cliché is the start-up story that begins in the garages of CEOs. Many authors, editors, and publishers have their own “garage story,” that details the growth of humble beginnings into a business that is thriving, though few authors are hoping to be as profitable as Apple.  For those authors still in their humble beginnings, these stories can be inspiring. Other authors are halfway to the goal and are weary of dodging obstacles on their way to success. The “garage stories” can serve as instructional templates as well as motivation to keep moving forward. If you’re having a frustrating week, pull together a few stories of once-starving artists, authors who faced many rejections, or people who didn’t know they were going to make it. Lawrence Knorr has one of these stories. Knorr, author and founder of Sunbury Press, talks about the surprising journey that took him from amateur genealogist to author to founder of a publishing company. There are so many different types of publishing houses, but Knorr’s unique journey told him exactly how he wanted to build and structure Sunbury Press. Listen to the clip below for inspiration and ideas!

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  • Thank you for your story. I'm in the process of some rewriting in a book a started a few years ago. I have submitted to publishers in the past and received many rejects, but also good feedback. It's been overwhelming in trying to decide how to publish, and I'm hoping to find some answers. your video is very inspiring.