Arthur Doweyko on How Science and Art Inform and Inspire His Writing

Arthur Doweyko, award-winning author and scientist, shares his unique experience with working in a technical career as he writes fiction. The unlikely combination of being both a scientist and an artist creates an opportunity for a more accurate type of science fiction. “I enjoy taking real science and extrapolating it out as far as I can to make a very believable story,” he says. This realistic quality makes for a captivating story in which the reader is easily immersed. Doweyko also shares how he became both a scientist and an artist, which are fields often thought to be mutually exclusive. His story came to a crossroads early in life, when he had to choose what field he would study in college. He followed his father’s advice, and the rest is history. Listen to the clip below to hear Doweyko’s story and get ideas on how your background can influence your writing.

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