How a Memoir Evolves into a Work of Fiction

Marlan Warren, Author and Publicist with Roadmap Communications, explains how her novel transformed from a series of diary entries to a work of fiction. While a standard memoir tends to revolve around a celebrity or an interesting topic and tells a true story, a fictionalized memoir reads more like a novel. The term has come to prominence in recent years and there is a lot to be explored in the genre. Warren’s own novel, Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged: All’s not Fair in Love or War, could be classified as a fictionalized memoir. She chose to tell her story using fiction for a few reasons. The first was that a fictionalized memoir allowed her to protect those involved. Names weren’t used and she could recreate scenarios so people weren’t easily identifiable. She also was able to use the elements of fiction to create meaning that’s often difficult to find in nonfiction. This included altering conversations, ending the story in a satisfying way, and exploring characters in deeper ways. Watch the clip below to listen to Warren explain elements of a fictionalized memoir!

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