Howard V. Hendrix on Becoming a Science Fiction Writer

Each writer’s path to becoming an author is unique, but there are often similarities between the various journeys. It can be helpful to hear other authors' stories to get advice and encouragement. Howard V. Hendrix, author and English professor, explains how he transitioned from a young science fiction fan to an award-winning science fiction author with several novels and dozens of short pieces in his portfolio. He began reading science fiction when he was nine years old and it took him no time to read all of the science fiction available in his local library. This love transitioned into college with his Biology and English undergraduate majors, and ultimately a Masters and PhD in English Literature. He started making a name for himself with his short fiction work through literary magazine publications. It was when he won first place in the Writers of the Future contest that it occurred to him that he could find long-term success with his writing. Listen to the clip below to learn more about his path to becoming an established science fiction writer. 

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