Strategies for Writing and Releasing a Book Series

Over the years, author, editor, and ghostwriter Kathi Macias has learned that the rules of writing, marketing, and releasing a book series successfully are always changing. But she has found some methods that have worked for her. When picking a subject matter, writing about current topics seems to attract a lot of attention. Even when writing historical novels, like Macias, you can still deal with a timely issue. Macias wrote a series on human trafficking, a timely topic that brought in many readers. You also have to carefully consider the release schedule. Macias says that leaving 6-9 months between book releases works best. If you release the books too quickly after one another, people won’t be as anxious and eager to read the next one – plus, you need time to market the book. If you wait too long, readers will lose interest and forget the story.

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