Author Sharon Norris Elliott on How Her Blog Led to Writing and Publishing a Devotional

Author, editor, and speaker Sharon Norris Elliott’s devotional, 366 Glimpses Of God: Getting To Know The God Who Knows You, consists of what were originally blog posts. Norris Elliott wrote a daily blog for six or seven years, where she would comment on the Bible reading she had completed each morning. The blog was fairly new when Norris Elliott realized the impact it was having on her audience. After two or three months, she skipped a day, and received many comments from readers wondering where that day’s post was. Her devotional includes 366 of her blog entries and was published through the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network, where Norris Elliott is a panelist and talk show host.

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  • This is exactly what is happening to me minus the blog. Instead, its from a project that God led me to do from my One Word. 

  • Thank you as a Christian "trying to be author" for His voice, your video resonates with me . Thank you for sharing.

  • Very helpful in thinking about starting up from blog to published book.

  • Wow, I have found myself back at ALC after laying down my writing, I use to be so angry when I began writing and swore to publish by 45yrs of age, now I am 65 and my thoughts and feelings have changed so much, it is now that I can see how God just kept me through it all. I know that I must began again, thank you for sharing