How The Saturday Evening Post is Evolving to Remain Relevant - podcast

Starting In the 1920's and through the end of World War II, The Saturday Evening Post was the most popular magazine in the United States. Published weekly at the time, The Post had advertisers fighting for ad space and published several short fiction stories each week. Things have changed significantly since then as managing copyeditor Andy Hollandbeck explains. The internet has killed general interest magazines such as The Post. People no longer have to rely on magazines for information - they can simply Google to find the answers. In order to stay relevant, The Post has had to find its niche, he says. Their strength lies in their rich archives, dating back to 1821, which they use to put a historical spin on current events. The Post is in the process of enhancing their online presence and digitizing their archives, with the hope that people can get the access they need when researching America's history. While the name continues to draw in an older audience due to nostalgia, Hollandbeck says the goal is to continue gaining a younger audience by getting them interested in America's past. 

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