James Breakwell on How Web Comics Augment His Comedy Writing

Writers put a lot of time and effort into blog posts so being able to drive traffic to these articles is important. When author, comedy writer, and columnist James Breakwell discovered he could drive just as much traffic to his site with web comics that he created in ten minutes or less, he shifted his content strategy. Breakwell was able to apply the same brand of humor to his web comics that his Twitter followers had grown to love and appreciate. Now an internet sensation with over one million followers on Twitter (@XplodingUnicorn), Breakwell continues to entertain with his upbeat, but pessimistic (and hilarious) views on parenting. His debut book, Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, is a combination of his comedy writing, experience as a father of four girls, and web comics. Breakwell encourages other writers to consider web comics in their overall content strategy, as they provide a great platform for experimentation, developing skills, and building an audience.

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