Story Elements and Themes that Engage Young Adult Readers

Young adult novels, like any genre, have conventions and themes that help their desired audience best relate to the story. The teenage audience, however, is more particular than some when it comes to character voice, age, and themes. In the clip below, young adult author Melody Dean Dimick explains some of the story elements and themes that are especially engaging for teenagers. One of her main pieces of advice is that, “teenagers want authenticity.” She explains that authenticity is pervasive not only in the character’s voice, but also in emotional development and in plot themes. Surprisingly, Dimick reveals that poetry can be an incredibly useful tool in developing an authentic tone throughout your book. Are you working on your own young adult novel? Some of these tips may give you direction as you decide things like point of view, character traits, and plot points. Have you already finished your young adult novel? These tips may assist you in your editing process or in deciding your book’s audience as you market it. Watch the video to learn more!

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