The Benefits of Establishing a Writing Process and Writing What You Know

While the writing process might look a little different for every writer, dedicating time to writing and maintaining consistency will go a long way in reaching your writing goals. When author Lisa Beazley was working on her debut novel Keep Me Posted, she established a writing routine of getting up early. This would give her a few hours of solid writing time before the rest of the family got up for the day. She has stuck with this routine since, especially when up against writing deadlines. With her debut novel, Beazley found that by writing to her strengths the story flowed more easily. She knew creating a whole new world was beyond her skill set so she started with what she knew - her personal experiences. As she continued to add layers the story and characters evolved over time, but this approach gave her the foundation to build upon. Beazley strongly recommends this approach to other new fiction writers who are struggling to find their own story. 

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  • Hi, Sounds familiar with getting up early and long hours. I am publishing a book on the edge of non-fiction which is the specification for a Holodeck. I am designing my own simulator to simulate the system and with the simulator I am going to show concepts for the book. The book is about stage 1 of the design process which is proof of concept. I hope to publish in a further 2 to 4 years of long hard work.

  • Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Same with me. I usually write when it's quiet and before my thoughts get overcome by thoughts and minutiae of the day of the day. Early morning for sure.