Tips for Switching Gears Between Freelance Writing Projects

Freelance writer, editor, and publicist Lindsey Gobel thrives when working on multiple projects and enjoys partnering with clients in a range of industries. Not only does this variety keep her interested and motivated, but it also makes her more marketable as a freelancer. Being creative everyday can be challenging, so Gobel has come up with different ways to overcome any roadblocks, depending on the severity. Sometimes the solution is as simple as popping a piece of gum or going for a walk to get outside of her own head. There are other times where Gobel must switch projects to get the creative juices flowing elsewhere, or force herself to step away from a project completely and address it later if time allows. One of the biggest benefits of working as a freelancer is having that flexibility, Gobel says. As long as you are hitting deadlines, you must allow yourself to get in the right mindset to complete a job and work as efficiently as possible. 

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