The Importance of Having the Proper Mindset in Becoming a Successful Author

Racquel Henry, writer and editor, shares the importance of mindset when it comes to finishing a manuscript and publishing your book. In fact, she stresses that mindset is the most important part of the writing process besides practicing your craft. This is a mindset of positivity. “Wanting to achieve a writing goal starts with a belief that you actually can,” says Henry. In the clip below, Henry describes two ways that can put a writer in a helpful mindset. The first way is to craft a helpful environment for yourself. This includes modifying not only physical space but also the people who make up your environment. The second way that you can put yourself into a positive mindset is to know how to manage your goals. Henry shares her insight on goal setting and reviewing. Learn how to make the most of your writing career by adjusting the way you approach the rest of your life.  

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