The Importance of Having the Proper Mindset in Becoming a Successful Author

Racquel Henry, writer and editor, shares the importance of mindset when it comes to finishing a manuscript and publishing your book. In fact, she stresses that mindset is the most important part of the writing process besides practicing your craft. This is a mindset of positivity. “Wanting to achieve a writing goal starts with a belief that you actually can,” says Henry. In the clip below, Henry describes two ways that can put a writer in a helpful mindset. The first way is to craft a helpful environment for yourself. This includes modifying not only physical space but also the people who make up your environment. The second way that you can put yourself into a positive mindset is to know how to manage your goals. Henry shares her insight on goal setting and reviewing. Learn how to make the most of your writing career by adjusting the way you approach the rest of your life.  

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  • Hi, everyone, I am a new comer to this program, I have written several books, I the type of person that will take me thoughts if they don't fit in with the book I'm writing, I will think of a Title of that though and began another book.  Ilove writing, it relaxes me, and yes sometimes it stresses me out, especially when its a sensitive moment iin my life.  Rehashing pain to place it at the right moment in which ever book I be writing about, its alot of criss cross writing.  I know its a skill for some of us, no I did not go to college to learn how to write a book, life sat me down and started this hobby I've grown to love.  I have major interruptions, five children, ten grandchildren, three of them lives with me, six great grandchildren and three of them stay with me.  At least thirty percent of the time, I have one of my great-grandsons in my lap while I'm typing on my books.  They inspire me on alot of thoughts, as well as the life that was given to me.  I am the Author with Dorrance Publishing the name  of my book is called Wendy, located on, and also a book name Lighthouse Love that Page Publishing will print for me as soon as I send them the cover of my book and a picture of me.  Now hearing about Simon and Schuster Publishing on the Morning News a few days ago, I reached out to them, this is how I learned about this program ALC, I'm so glad to be here with my stories, I just completed another book named Written By Candlelight, I'm praying this book get published by someone too.  The hardest part to me is getting the funds to self-publish, I've done that with my first few books, I took alot from my family to self seek.  It just hurts when you put yourself out there and no one is purchasing your books so the funds to come back to you.  Thats my biggest problem, questioning my self why no one wants to read my books.  I write short stories, but I enjoy doing what I do.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this group.  I'm a very easy person to get alone with.  I'm closing out now, because I will be writing another book if I don't quit now.

  • This is a very useful article Having a good mindset is powerful and getting your environment right is a powerful step to getting your goals.

  • Very useful information. Distraction is a big enemy to writing,  & mindset, especially when not self inflicted. Identifying this does help, & hopefully counter-active measures can be taken...

  • Hi, all. As a 'new chum' to ALC I found this article helpful in more ways than one. Thanks, Raquel..First, you say, 'craft a helpful environment for yourself'. That's something I've been conscious of doing for a long while. It's an on-going thing .Currently it's a filing cabinet that's a do or die need, Solution: put up with chaos until I get one. Next.  Barking and yapping (worse) dogs - I live in Indonesia so the latter is an on-going occupational hazard.. Solution, headphones and YouTube tuned into easy listening jazz. There are no excuses for not writing.. Writers' Block is non-existent, a misnomer - an excuse.  Just keep writing, whatever, everything that comes into your mind. You'll find it eventually morphs into something intelligible and relevant. Tip. Don't throw the rubbish away. You'll be surprised how much is salvageable..  . 

  • This is so mindset is in constant flux.  I go from positive high to a deep sense of always thinking what I'm writing is awful.  I agree, mindset has many layers...!  Raquel Henry this was helpful.  Thanks.