Advice for Embracing Your Unique Path to Becoming a Successful Writer

The Author Learning Center is full of interviews and articles on writers’ processes. We have tips and tricks to overcome writer’s block, plan a story, block out writing time, expertly revise, and more. Authors tend to enjoy hearing from one another and it’s important to learn different ways that authors work effectively. At the end of the day, though, every author’s process varies and becoming a successful writer isn’t a clear cut path. According to author and educator José Pablo Iriarte, authors need to learn what makes their writing process work and ignore everything else.  “There isn’t really a wrong way to do this as long as the results are there,” says Iriarte. In fact, Iriarte believes that all of the ‘shoulds’ of writing can cripple an author. Listening to different authors about what works for them can be helpful, but ultimately each writer has to embrace the process that works for him or herself.    

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