Arthur Doweyko on the Writing Process for His Sci-Fi Novel Algorithm

Arthur Doweyko, award-winning- author and scientist, talks about his writing process as a first-time author and what he learned along the way. On this journey, one of the most important things he learned is to keep on writing, even when you don’t know what you’re doing and even when the work isn’t your best. But the excitement around the idea for the novel, Algorithm, propelled him toward the finish and made the process more enjoyable. Because he had a day job, the book took a long time. He also credits his long process to his plotting method: essentially, he doesn’t have one. He calls himself a “pantser,” explaining that he likes discovering the story as much as the reader does. It’s possible he enjoys it more because he ultimately maintains control. This method, though, got him into a situation with Algorithm, in which he got stuck for half a year. Actually, his characters got stuck in a cave and he had no clue how to get them out. In order to get them out of the cave and himself out of writer’s block, he had to become a plotter for a brief time. Listen to the clip below for ideas on how to craft your own writing process! 

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