Author Allie Pleiter on The Chunky Method of Writing

Bestselling author Allie Pleiter has published over 50 books, both fiction and nonfiction, and has sold over 1.5 million books worldwide. As an extremely productive and successful writer, Allie wanted to help other writers that were struggling to reach their goals, so she created The Chunky Method of writing productivity. The Chunky Method, per Allie, is a way to give your muse marching orders. Your "chunk" is the amount of writing that you can get done before you run out of creative juice. Writers can build a plan based on their individual process and word count goals. The "plug-n-play" schedule can even be used to challenge you and improve your productivity. With this method, Allie has helped thousands of writers and entrepreneurs discover their unique path to completion. For more on The Chunky Method, watch Allie's recorded webinar.

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