The Writing Process: Fiction vs Non-Fiction - video

There's a different writing process writing fiction versus nonfiction. Bestselling author, Sara Paretsky discusses the difference. From her experience, writing fiction feels different than writing nonfiction. What's similar about them is that to write in either category you need to have a clear sense of what you want to accomplish and premise. When writing fiction, you have to understand why the reader wants or needs to experience the events and storyline within a book.
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  • I felt that I could relate to your sharing of non-fiction ideas.  Very informative.

  • Thank you for sharing this Sara. Every bit of wisdom helps.

  • Empowerment is the key here. Bad things can and do happen in real life. If you have had the strength in life to change your mindset and move on why not share that and let it help others if they are open enough to let it. Brilliant interview.

  • Interesting terminology but as an author, let's clarify something.  We know fiction and non-fiction are not the same.  Fiction is transforming your imagination, your   thoughts on "What if", theory to a book that reader's may be interested while drawing their own conclusions before the storyline ends.  Non-fiction is based on the facts and research on a specific topic or multiple issues and validated. Whatever writing you prefer whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry, your accomplishments is doing your own research on what millions of readers want. And the main importance is interest.  The reader's attention and wanting more that will put you on top in the world of creative writing.