The Writing Process: Fiction vs Non-Fiction - video

There's a different writing process writing fiction versus nonfiction. Bestselling author, Sara Paretsky discusses the difference. From her experience, writing fiction feels different than writing nonfiction. What's similar about them is that to write in either category you need to have a clear sense of what you want to accomplish and premise. When writing fiction, you have to understand why the reader wants or needs to experience the events and storyline within a book.
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  • Thank you for that great and wonderful insights. 

  • This information allows me to think clearly about what I want to accomplish and analyze the information so that the premises is clearly defined.  Thanks for sharing!

  • I am writing a book on empowerment. It is a book about domestic violence survivors and how one uses the available resources to build a new life after leaving an abusive situation. Where can I get information on that?

  • Thank you for the information. The writer does need to know what they want to get across to the reader. 

  • Thank you for the perspective.  I was contemplating a question when I came across your video.  That question being, how do I obtain the information I need when the subject is something I really would rather not give my attention to?  I am one who believes that the things I give my attention to will expand as long as I am giving them my attention.  But it is also certain that I need to be aware of things I don't want in order to bring about what I do want.  You brought objectivity to the data you were researching.  You did not pass judgment, or get emotionally overwhelmed by the bad feelings associated with the individual experiences.  Your example is enlightening.