The Writing Process: Fiction vs Non-Fiction - video

There's a different writing process writing fiction versus nonfiction. Bestselling author, Sara Paretsky discusses the difference. From her experience, writing fiction feels different than writing nonfiction. What's similar about them is that to write in either category you need to have a clear sense of what you want to accomplish and premise. When writing fiction, you have to understand why the reader wants or needs to experience the events and storyline within a book.
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  • I started writing my first book I emptied 2 pens the first day and found out the next day I started the story 3000 years to late now I have to go back and write from 6000 years ago.   Changes the neighboring tribes a bit and we were a much smaller tribe that was scattered over a greater territory than I had expected.  I have to change about thier houses and was a little shock about thier first dwellings.  And eventually the dwellings during the time of the Amazons.