Using Your Unique Voice as a Writer to Bring New Perspective and Opportunities - video

Many new writers worry that what they have to say has already been said and they wonder if their voice is unique enough to get noticed. Author Elizabeth Knox believes that all writers do have a unique way of seeing or saying things that will resonate with different readers. While in the process of writing her book Faith Powered Profession, Knox came across a very similar book that had already been published, which was initially crushing to her. She took the advice of a friend and focused on the idea of abundance versus scarcity. She relied on her unique voice to cover the topic in a different way and even reached out to the author of the like book, which ultimately led to a collaborative work relationship.

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  • Very encouraging!

  • Good advice - I too worried that I may be going over a subject that others had already covered but Elizabeth assured that we each have our own unique style. Bottom line I guess is don't worry if you're writing about an old theme because you may have a different angle, adifferent take on it.

  • Thank you for your insights and inspiration on everyone having a different voice on their topics. I have found myself thinking "everybody knows this" when I am having a difficult day writing.  My husband always counters with "no they don't. That's why people write books". haha.