Shiny Burcu Unsal on Her Twenty Year Journey to Becoming An Author - podcast

Inspiration to write a book can come at any point in life. Author and teacher Shiny Burcu Unsal experienced the desire to write a book at the age of thirteen after reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Although she didn't start a book at that time, she did continue journaling, knowing that she'd eventually get her chance to become an author. Unsal has spent years building up her education, experiences, and credentials. Her passion for Neuro-Linguistic Programming led her to write and publish You Are a Star! Shine!, a personal transformation self-help book that has greatly complemented her teaching and coaching business. Unsal advises new writers to be patient and not give up on your goal of writing and publishing a book. It might take years, so find a subject or story you are passionate about and that can maintain your interest over time. 

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  • An by the way:  If you saw the comment I made about "the world on my shoulders and my parts down to my ankles" that way a miss print.  It was supposed to be (pants) around my ankles  not (parts).

  •  I also need to edit most of the chapters as I am a good story teller, but not such a good writer.

  • This is what I needed. I have a memoir of 9 chapters and about 80 pages.  the book is about growing up and all the crazy things that happened a long the way.  I am kind of stuck in the late 1980's and trying to find a good strong ending.  I keep remembering great stories and then trying to squeeze them in where and when they took place.