Shiny Burcu Unsal on How Recognition and Teaching Have Bolstered Her Credentials as an Author - video

Named one of the 40 Most Influential Turkish Americans Under 40 in the US, author and teacher Shiny Burcu Unsal has spent years building up her credentials. Supported by a strong academic background, a notable career in marketing and communications, and multiple certifications, Unsal began teaching advanced communications techniques in 2012. Her expertise and passion for executive coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming led her to write and publish You Are a Star! Shine!, a personal transformation self-help book that has greatly complemented her teaching and coaching business. The recognition, awards, and credentials can all help provide validation for your work, she says, but only if you talk about them. Your hard work and accomplishments have earned you bragging rights. Unsal also encourages authors to keep learning and progressing to maintain the position of a "go-to" authority on their topic.

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