Author Tips for Editing Your Own Work - video

Jenna Free, editor and writer for Girl Friday Productions, provides some tips for editing your own work. She advises authors to take a break from writing to do a different activity in order to later return to your work with fresh eyes. She suggests looking at your draft in a different way, in a different location, or in a different medium. Read your work from the perspective of an unbiased reader. Read your work aloud. Outline what you've written in subpoints.
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  • Hello my name is Keisha Starnes I am a author my book called Life After Change...Thank You Tips

  • Although I am a beginner as an author, I have already experienced the wisdom of your advice.  Even if you also use someone else to help edit your book, I found it a helpful practice to come back to your manuscript fresh as if you were a member of your target audience can be insightful.  Outlining what you have written is also very helpful to help you see if your thoughts are organized well and flow well throughout the book.

  • Good advice to have the manuscript printed and edited using a red pen. A different experience to read it from a paper point of view vs. looking at a monitor, something I'm used to doing...