The Basics of Creating a Publicity Plan - podcast

Book publicity should start six months before the book is released, so authors need to spend adequate time planning a publicity strategy, according to Jared and Julia Drake of Drake Public Relations. Learn more about the four elements that comprise a strategy, including launch timing, a professional website, social media assets and message and launch event. Their biggest piece of advice? Don't be boring. Your launch can take place in the most unusual of places, including hair salons, food trucks or train stations.
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  • Wow Julia and Jared  - you two organized the whole thing into concise steps. I just released my first book, 'He's Not My Husband' just a few short months ago. But I 'put the cart before the horse!'  My book is out and now I am starting my publicity campaign.  Thank you , this was most informative.

  • Can you give more details regarding Step 3 (Media Campaign) please?  Are you talking about advertising in local papers and on radio stations? Thank you.

  • that was really helpful advices.... I m still busy marketing my first book.

  • I have new website I made to sell my books was easy to design and build once I got used to their tools and it's free only took 2 hours to make so simple:
  • Hi Julia and Jared I am just starting the process of having my manuscript looked at by Balboa press and am at a loss as to where to start my marketing - I live in New Zealand - I have approached a couple of book stores but really need to know how to start a marketing plan as I want to be a success. I want this book to lead to me being able to write and sell more - plus I would love to speak publicly about my experiences, etc. Are you able to assist, many thanks Ruth Anne Caukwell