The Three E's of Social Media Content and How They Apply to Book Promotion - video

Social media can be a very important and beneficial marketing tool for authors. Once an author identifies the social media platforms that align with their audience and brand, they must make a focused effort to apply the "three Es" of social media, as marketing and communications consultant Nicole Baker explains. Each social media post must do at least one of these things in order to be effective. Baker also advises authors to make sure there is an equal balance in the type of content they post - 30% about themselves, 30% about their book, and 30% about things related to the industry or their book. The last 10% can be about anything else to keep their followers interested.

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  • Enlighten, engage and entertain.    Thank you very much.   This is an interesting concept.  As an Australian Christian Writer with three novels - all Australian based with fiction characters it is hard to find my Brand and my place.   Two of My publications are Meditation Books, and three are shortish novels - I am story teller rather than a novelist. I have a Word-press Blog - connecting with folk on a faith perspective.  A personal Website about my writings and about my life and a Sacred Musings Website where I express the deeper Christian experiences of my life.  BUT still simply being KNOWN as a Christian Author who writes fiction with  (interesting) stories but Christian ethics and also writes specifically about faith issues .etc. make it hard to just be KNOWN in the wider concept but more than that to have my projects loved and appreciated.  (it is not about numbers or fame etc).   I believe I need a Christian Response from out there in  wider cyber-land.