Advice for Authors on Maintaining a Social Media Presence and Schedule

If you’re an author just getting started on social media, author, goal coach, and project catalyst Debra Eckerling recommends joining LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook first. Other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube can come later. Below are some of the advantages Eckerling lists for the first three:

  1. LinkedIn is like a virtual Rolodex. It can help you easily grow your professional network.
  2. Twitter can connect you to like-minded individuals through Twitter chats, as well as with people you may not be able to find otherwise, like reporters.
  3. Facebook groups and pages are great resources for authors. You can interact with fellow writers and your readers all in one place.

While social media is a wonderful tool, Eckerling warns that it can be an abyss. She suggests putting time in your schedule to use social media, and stick to it. Do what you need to do and then get back to work – this is how to stay on top of social media without it becoming your entire day and eating into other tasks.

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