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Amber McGinty, Web Director at author-focused publicity firm Shelton Interactive, explains what every author should include on a website. She explains that your site content needs to be interesting and relevant to your writing topic, which is good for SEO. For nonfiction authors, she advises presenting yourself as an expert in your field. An author's biography needs to set you apart as a thought leader. Include resources, downloads, white papers, and lists of recommended books or websites. For fiction authors, McGinty recommends showing personality through candid pictures, personal biography, and a blog. Fiction readers want to feel connected to you and other readers. The top three things to include on an author website are a blog, press room, and professional photos.
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  • Very good info on the three basic elements needed to have a successful website to promote my new book...Again and Again God Answers Prayer.

  • Truly good information on the must haves of three basic elements to promote my website and promote my new book.....Again and Again God Answers Prayer.

  • This blogging is interesting & a great way to promote my new book that will be released in 4 to 8 weeks . So , I am told . The publisher is working on it now. Its ,non-fiction : Thanks !
  • What if my son is a professional photographer? :-) Seriously, he is, so I will probably ask him - and pay him! - to take some professional pics of me. I've also got a question regarding the pictures. I assume that you mean I should have pics of me, the author, on my website. Are there any other pics that I should include? Thanks!
  • Glad this one helpful for you! We have a lot more info on website on this site if you search in the box at the top!